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Getting Things Sorted

Posted by | Posted in Random | Posted on 29-05-2009

So, this weekend I’ll be heading up north to sort out some stuff for my trip to the USA. It’s only a few weeks away now, so everything is looming ever close. By the end of the weekend, though, we should be pretty much set.

There are few main things that we need to get sorted this weekend:

  • Travel insurance
  • A place to stay in San Fran on the first night
  • Car hire (I’m still hoping for a Mustang, myself!)
  • A list of places we want to visit
  • A rough cost estimate

Once we’ve done these things, then we’re pretty much ready to go. The excitement is building!

There’s not a lot going on at the moment, it seems. The usual rubbish is in the news, namely Peter Andre and Jordan’s break-up. How sorry am I for that? Not the slightest bit, as it happens. Quite why half of the national newspapers of the country feel as though it’s front page news, I shall never know. Surely people have got something better to read about than that? Then again, I guess the people who read papers like that generally haven’t got anything better to read about. Or they’re not interested enough to bother.

Personally, as you probably guessed, I’m against the public scrutiny of celebrity break-ups. Not only is it a bit unfair for the celebs, but to be honest I don’t really give a flying monkey’s brass ones, and I’d rather not have the news thrust, like a cream pie, into my face. I don’t care, and I’m sure the celebs themselves don’t want their news plastered all over the papers anyway, so why bother printing it? So annoying.

On the other hand, were it not for celebrities, the news would be nothing but murders and recessions. There never seems to be anything good happening in the world any more. You might find the odd funny story on the local news, but try as they might, nobody’s talking about that; everyone would rather be told how much further MP’s have had their noses in the trough lately.

I suppose there’s some good tech-related news about at the moment. Microsoft has decided that it’s rebranded search engine has got a name: Bing. As appauling as it it might seem for a web developer, I’ve not tried it out yet, but if things are as slow as I hope they are here at work today, I think I might just get round to it. It’s a good thing that people are starting to put up a fight against Google and create a little competition, as it’ll stop Google from becoming complacent, but I’ve yet to see search results better than Google’s SERPS. Still, we’ll see what Microsoft has done with search, and how it compares.

I read yesterday that people who regularly take part in file-sharing activities actually purchase 10 times more music and films than those who don’t, which kind of negates the arguments against illegal file-sharing that the music and film industries have been touting. That sounds about right to me – if people are exposed to more music and film, they’re far more likely to find something they like, and to want to buy it. Sure, there are probably plenty of people who don’t buy music simply because they can get it for free, but I’m sure there are just as many people out there who use file-sharing to discover new talent, before buying the album. Personally, I love having a large collection of DVDs and CDs, rather than a hard drive full of MP3s, but I won’t buy things that I probably wont like, so it’s always good to be able to sample films and music before buying.

I’m sitting here at my desk right now, slowly seizing up after yesterday’s gym session. As far as I can remember it wasn’t much more strenuous than usual, yet for some reason the muscles in my shoulders and sides are having a bit of a time of it, which isn’t really helpful when I need to cart a suitcase a couple of hundred miles after work. Still, at least it shows I’m still working hard, and gaining some small improvements in muscle mass. I can’t believe it’s been 7 months since I started going regularly, and aside form the bank holiday weeks, I’ve managed to go three times a week since January. Awesome stuff.

Right, time for a caffine boost I think.

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