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Getting A Tad Out Of Hand

Posted by | Posted in Stupidity | Posted on 04-11-2008

All I know is, he’s called The Stig…

After the supposed outrage caused by Ross and Brand the other day (which thankfully, has been mocked by none other than David Mitchell), you’d think the public would have had their fair share of retribution. But oh no. Fresh from the smell of ruined careers and resignations, they’re vying for new blood, and this time it seems to be none other than Top Gear’s legendary lead presenter, Jeremy Clarkson.

Jeremy Clarkson

According to this BBC News article, nigh on 200 complaints had been filed against Clarkson’s comments about many lorry driver’s inclination towards prostitutes, and the murdering thereof. We all know that a lorry driver would never murder one prostitute, never mind five

I guess some people really have got nothing better to do. Personally, I didn’t even know the show had started again, but luckily I managed to catch it last night, and I have to say that I laughed a little. To be honest though, I would have thought the entire nations of America and Australia would have complained upon hearing his comments about how they are “under-developed” countries. It’s a funny old world, I suppose. But it would be slightly less funny if Clarkson was “punished” for his words. He’s always seen having a sly dig at various groups of people (or entire countries, it seems) and so why this has suddenly become such a big deal is beyond me. Again, if people don’t like it, simply turn off your TV. It’ll affect the ratings of the show, and will help towards it being taken off the air. But complaining like a whiney schoolchild just goes to show that you’ve got nothing better to do, and only increases the publicity of the show. And you know what they say about all publicity…

As far as the episode itself goes, I liked it. The last season wasn’t particularly brilliant compared to the season before, but this season looks to be shaping up quite nicely. And a cameo appearence by Oliver was very welcome indeed. The lorry task itself was great, and it was good to see someone other than Richard Hammond crashing into things this time round. A brick wall was a bit extreme though. Good ol’ Clarkson.

Speaking of Clarkson, and TV, and complaints for that matter, I recently saw a forum where certain members were posting their ideal Celebrity Big Brother lineup. I personally would love to see Clarkson on the show. Or anyone else similar to Clarkson in terms of humour. Jimmy Carr, Simon Amstell, Stephen Fry – they’d all make great housemates. Unfortunately, I very much doubt that any of them would actually appear on the show. As far as I know, there isn’t even going to be a CBB this year, much to my secret disappointment.

I forgot to mention yesterday that it was UKTA Radio night last night. Three solid hours of tunes were spread around the intertubes, so thanks to Martyn, Tony and Ian for their solid bangin’ tunes!

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