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Posted by | Posted in Random, The 9-To-5 Droll | Posted on 27-04-2009

At first I was going to complain about the sudden bad weather that seems to be going on as I look out the office window. But then I thought, “well I’m glad it’s horrible now, while I’m stuck in an office, than at the weekend when I’d be out and about”. I just realised that people (myself included) seem to whine about the bad weather whenever it appears, regardless of whether it’s convenient or not. So, I’d like to say that I’m happy that it was nice this weekend, and now that I’m in an office, it’s not so nice. Better that than the other way round.

I’ve just read the latest Observer article by David Mitchell. I have to say, it made me chuckle. It’s not something I’d really thought about before, but on reflection, people do seem to take comfort in the fact that they can moan about things. Especially things they know about, or have seen before. I guess it goes back to the age old “people are scared of the unknowwn” thing. If it’s happened before, they know exactly what to expect and can prepare for it, even if they don’t like it. But show them something they’ve never seen, and nomatter how trivial, they’ll over-react to it. It’s just part of the human condition, I suppose.

I was reminded yesterday that it’s a bank holiday weekend this coming weekend. It seems like just yesterday I had a four-day weekend because of Easter. Although I’m not complaining, it’d be great to see St George’s Day become a bank holiday in England. I know people have been saying that from the word ‘go’, but it’s true. However, in this age of political correctness, I’m pretty sure someone would kick up a stink about it, and claim that they’re “offended” by the celebrations. Never mind the fact that most people don’t give a monkeys – it’s just be another day off work to them.

I would say that I’m having trouble believing how few posts I seem to be making now, but it’s understandable given the recent workload I’ve had at work. Still, payday makes it all worth it, and strangely enough, it’s payday this week! I might finally get round to getting that camera I wanted.

The BBC is reporting that a new standard of optical storage disc, similar to CDs and DVDs, has been created that can hold up to 500Gb of data. Current Blu-Ray discs can hold 25Gb or 50Gb of data currently, so this would be a ten-fold improvement. I can’t wait to see a commercially-available system like this, as not only is it backwards-compatible, but it actually meets my storage needs! Though just imagine how miffed you’d be if you lost the disc…

Oh, and the UK is one step closer to 1984.

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