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Bux One Year Anniversary Mix

I recorded this mix to celebrate the first birthday of a website I seem to have spent a lot of time on, and so I figured I’d share it with everyone who wanted it. It’s the first mix I recorded with the CDJ-400’s and it was completely unrehersed so there are certainly some dodgy bits of mixing, but it’s not too bad if you listen to it enough.

Also, I’ve included a cue file for those proper fans that want to burn the set to a CD. I purposefully made the set less than 80 minutes so that it can be burnt to a CD. The purpose of a cue file is to allow the CD-burning software (such as Ahead Nero) to split the single MP3 file into multiple tracks, so that the listener can skip back and fourth through the tracks as they please. It’s the first cue file I’ve made for an MP3, so the timings are a little off, but it’s good enough. You know what they say, though – practice makes perfect!


  1. Jase From Outta Space – Do What You Want (Infusion Remix)
  2. Buy Now – Body Crash (Dirty South Remix)
  3. Benny Benassi – Finger Food
  4. David Vendetta – Hold That Sucker Down (Vocal Mix)
  5. Delerium – Silence 2008 (Niels Van Gogh vs Thomas Gold Remix)
  6. Nufrequency – Buy Me (Dub Mix)
  7. Kosmas Epsilon – Speechnuts (Squash 84 Remix)
  8. Steve Angello and Sebasian Ingrosso – Yo Yo Kidz (FPU Remix)
  9. Layo vs Bushwacka – Let The Good Times Roll (Josh Gabriel Remix)
  10. Jewel – Stand (Markus Schulz Coldharbour Remix)
  11. Coldware – What’s Your Name (Supuer Remix)
  12. Robert Nickson featuring Elsa Hill – Never Again (Original Mix)
  13. Nic Chagall – What You Need (NC’s In Love With Prog Mix)

File Info

Size: 108 Mb
Bitrate: 192 Kbps
Running time: 1 hour 18 minutes 54 seconds
Recorded on 08-06-2008

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Cue File

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