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OK, seeing as this was the whole point of this website, I figured I should actually put some downloads here. Each download will have a seperate page, with the tracklisting and various details of the MP3 contained therein. Below is an overview of all of the sets that I’ve uploaded for my legions of adoring fans. They’re listed newest first, so for the lazy folk out there, the newest stuff is at the top and easier to read (aka involves less scrolling).

So, without further ado, here they are.

UKTA/Ourboard Radio New Year 2011 :: Recorded 01-01-2011

The first recorded set in over a year!

Go Go Go!

UKTA Radio Christmas 2009 Special :: Recorded 25-12-2009

This is my second UKTA Radio set, but hopefully wont be the last! Check it out!

Ho, ho, ho! Merry…

Garage Mix Summer ’04 :: Recorded Summer 2004

This isn’t a mix that I recorded. It’s actually a mix that a mate of mine did for me, that I’ve only recently found again. It brought back some good memories, so I figured I’d upload it.

Bound 4 da bound bound 4 da reload!

Deadmix :: Recorded 27-08-2009

This is a mix dedicated soley to Deadmau5 tunes and remixes. My sister asked me to record it for her, so I figured I’d put it online too. Enjoy!

Ride the Deadhorse!

This Is My Church Volume II :: Recorded 19-04-2009

This is the second in the series of full-on trance mixes. A mate asked me to record a trance set for them, and as I planned on recording something like this anyway, I thought why not!

Bangin’ again!

On The Horizon :: Recorded 12-04-2009

Although this set was originally intended to be fairly house-oriented, the tracklist changed over a few weeks until I finally got round to recording the set, where I settled upon the tracklist I’ve got here. It’s more trancey than planned, but it’s still OK.

What’s on the horizon?

Twitter Me Silly :: Recorded 14-02-2009

I’ve had a few tracks lined up to be put into a mix for a while, and I’d not really had the chance to use them. So when someone asked me to record them a mix, I figured now was the time. Perfect for Valentine’s Day (not!)

I dont have a Twitter account!

This Is My Church :: Recorded 07-02-2009

A proper old-school trance set. I’d not played a lot of music like this for a few years until I found some old CDs that I used to use to mix with, and so I thought I might put some of them to good use and mix some old classics.


UKTA Radio Christmas 2008 Special :: Recorded 26-12-2008

I made my debut on UKTA Radio with this set. There’s some good mixing going on, bar the last couple of transitions, but if you don’t like it, you’ll be happy to know it’s only an hour long – my shortest set yet!

Merry Christmas!

Ty and Roots Manuva vs Chris Lake – So You Want The Point (Streakfury Live 400 Mashup)

This is a random mashup that I recorded after messing around on my 400’s a couple of days ago. I thought it sounded OK, even though it’s just a bit of a laugh. Anyways, enjoy!

Download that shizzle!

Chronicles Of The Patient :: Recorded 05-10-2008

This is the first set I’ve recorded in four months. I recorded it out of boredom more than anything, but also for a certain group of people on a certain website that I frequent, who happened to be asking about my next set. I tried to represent the goings on in recent weeks through the tunes that I picked.

Get more info and download it!

Bux One Year Anniversary Mix :: Recorded 08-06-2008

I recorded this mix to celebrate the first birthday of a website I seem to have spent a lot of time on, and so I figured I’d share it with everyone who wanted it. It’s the first mix I recorded with the CDJ-400’s and it was completely unrehersed so there are certainly some dodgy bits of mixing, but it’s not too bad if you listen to it enough.

Get some more info and download it!