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Disaster Averted

Posted by | Posted in Random, Society | Posted on 09-12-2008

After trundling off to the gym in the cold and the rain last night after work, I found that my long lost trainers were nowhere to be found. Nor had anyone at the gym picked them up and isolated them for scientific study. As it turns out, they were at home all along, and now I have to suffer the embarrasment of making an appearence at the gym tonight, wearing the trainers that I told everyone I had lost, but had, in fact, not looked hard enough for in the first place.

The BBC News website has reported about the censorship of Wikipedia in Britain, and recites what most other news websites have been saying since yesterday. As far as I can make out, things are just as the were yesterday – ISPs are still blocking the entire page, and Wikipedians are upset about it.

Also in the Tech section of BBC News today is an article about a virtual, SIM-like world created for Muslims. Ironically, the article claims that the game is aimed at helping to integrate Musilims and non-Muslims. It’s ironic in that my own personal experiences is that some Muslims don’t want to integrate with the rest of society. For every group, charity, company, organisation and club that exists in the country, there seems to be a Muslim equivalent. Of course, that’s not a bad thing in itself, but what it says to me is that the Islamic society of the country feel as though the current groups/charities/clubs/organisations/companies/etc won’t help them. Which is, of course, ridiculous. It’s a tad insulting when the country brings in laws to make sure that nobody is discriminated against, and yet the people whom those laws aim to protect simply disregard their existence, and set up the same companies/charities/whatever, but this time they make a point of ensuring that they will only help people who belong to their particular race, religion, or ethnic background. Not only is that rude, but it’s illegal. What’s fit for one is fit for all, and if the usual national bodies aren’t permitted from excluding certain groups of people, then nobody should be allowed to exclude certain groups of people. Yet it happens all the time.

Still, as far as I can see, nobody is being excluded from joining Muxlim, which means that Muslim or not, you can have a go. And for the most part, it’s free!

In other tech news, the good old computer mouse turns 40 years old today. That’s probably one of the longest-running interface device types ever, with the exception of the keyboard. But as things move on, touch screen (and multi-touch) technology will be the future, and as new-fangled bendy/unbreakable materials are developed so too will interfaces to computers change. Soon enough we’ll all be using laptops that have no screen, keyboard or mouse – it’ll all just be rolled into one touch-sensitive Screeboard™. (Heh, I should really copyright that name.)

As a matter of win, I’ve got a four-day weekend this week (and next week). I guess that will make up for the fact that I’m working on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. It’s not so bad working at unsociable times like that, except for the fact that they’re unsociable. It does mean that I can’t really make any plans for New Year’s Eve, unless it involves going to a local houseparty, or the pub. Still, make the most of my time off, I shall. As I’ve done most of my Christmas shopping, I’ll probably go shopping for myself. I may even venture up north to see some fellow peoples. You never know, I may actually record my new mix too.

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