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Conficker Worm Gets The Joke

Posted by | Posted in Geek Stuff | Posted on 01-04-2009

“We’ll deliver the internet straight to your toilet!”

April Fools! Although there isn’t a lot to be laughing about if reports of the Conficker worm are to be believed.

According to the BBC, the Conficker worm (which you may remember me commenting about earlier on in the year, as our business was affected by it) is supposedly set to change the way it works from today. The worm is going to change the way it updates itself, supposedly making it harder to find and eradicate. Some reports even suggested that whatever the worm is going to do, it’ll be doing it today. That claim has been dismissed, though, as worms of this nature are intended to stay low-key and undetected, in order to infect as many machines as it can and make the owners as much money as possible.

It makes me wonder how much they know about it though. They must have reverse-engineered the worm to see how it works, so in theory they should understand quite a lot about it, including how it updates itself, and what it’s purpose is. But even if they know very little about it, the fact that it’s so blatently in the public eye (especially the tech world) it makes it virtually useless. Everyone who needs to know about it will know about, and for those that don’t, Microsoft will fix the problems with various Windows updates without the users even knowing.

It’s an admirable piece of engineering, that’s for sure. It’s so good, in fact, that Microsoft has offered a $250,000 reward for any information that leads to the programmers being named and shamed.

As someone kindly informed me today, Google’s April Fool’s day prank this year is a special auto-reply feature in Gmail (more info here). I quite like the Google pranks, although anything new they release on 1st April is more than likely to be a prank, and people know that now. Having said that, Gmail was released on 1st April, as were a few of it’s new features in the years that followed it, so I guess you never can tell. However, getting internet access through your toilet seems a bit far fetched nomatter how you look at it.

On the music front, I spent a couple of hours last night (and Monday night) having a good ol’ mix. It’d been about a fortnight since I last spun, and I was suffering from withdrawal symptoms. When that happens, I’m usually pretty useless on the decks, and need to get back into the swing of things, however this week I was on fire! I only wish I’d recorded what I spun.

I mentioned a while ago that I wanted to upload an old set that I recorded back in the summer of 2005, but I haven’t been able to find it anywhere. I still can’t, but I did find the original CDs I used to do the mix with, and so last night I spun the same set that I’d recorded back in the day. Boy did that bring back some memories! Some of the tunes were (and still are) fantastic, and I have a good mind to re-record the set. As I’m using my 400s this time, and not some cheapo Argos CD mixers, I should be able to do a fairly good job of it. Having said that, there were a few places where I messed up slightly last night, and I seem to recall making the same mistakes the first time round.

I’ve also got an electro-house mix all planned, I just need to find the time to record it. The same goes for a progressive trance set, although I’m still working on a tracklist for that.

UPDATE: The BBC has an updated news article about Conficker.

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