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This Is Davina

Posted by | Posted in Entertainment, Stupidity | Posted on 09-06-2010

“…please don’t say fuck or bugger.”

That’s right, it’s that time of the year again, and probably for the last time. It’s the start of Big Brother! Here in the UK, it’s the 11th main Big Brother series, and Channel 4 have dropped the show so this will be the last time it’s likely to run on UK TV (at least for theĀ foreseeableĀ future).

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“Anger… rising… RISING!!”

Posted by | Posted in Stupidity, Tunes | Posted on 23-04-2009

“Urge to kill: rising!!”

Ah, what a lovely, hot, sweaty day! Especially as the air con isn’t working in my office!

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Tramapoline!! Trapapolie!!

Posted by | Posted in Random, Stupidity, Technology | Posted on 23-01-2009

Yes! It’s Friday again – the best day of the week. It might be pouring with rain outside, the economy might have gone belly up, and I might not have dropped the kids off at the pool yet this morning, but it’s still a great day!

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The Credit Crunch

Posted by | Posted in Society, Stupidity | Posted on 06-01-2009

I’m almost certain I’ve said this before, but I don’t believe that the credit crunch is as bad as everyone makes out. At least, it wouldn’t be as bad as it is if people didn’t buy into all the hype.

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Getting A Tad Out Of Hand

Posted by | Posted in Stupidity | Posted on 04-11-2008

All I know is, he’s called The Stig…

After the supposed outrage caused by Ross and Brand the other day (which thankfully, has been mocked by none other than David Mitchell), you’d think the public would have had their fair share of retribution. But oh no. Fresh from the smell of ruined careers and resignations, they’re vying for new blood, and this time it seems to be none other than Top Gear’s legendary lead presenter, Jeremy Clarkson.

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Russell Brand and Friends

Posted by | Posted in Society, Stupidity | Posted on 30-10-2008

“Hello, Ofcom? I’d like to complain about a radio programme I haven’t heard, on which comments were made about a person I don’t know…. What?…. Turn off my radio if I dont like it? That’s preposterous!”

I didn’t mention this before, because quite frankly I couldn’t give a flying monkey’s brass ones, but as I’m sure everyone has heard by now, Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross have been the centre of attention these last few days.

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I’m Not Really Here. OoooOOooOoo!

Posted by | Posted in Stupidity | Posted on 18-09-2008

I’ll see your IQ, and raise you some common sense.

People, I find, are strange creatures. We’re capable of many things, both good and bad. You often hear stories about how heroic mums manage to save their children from a burning house (they obviously dont have my annoying smoke detectors installed) or how people with incurable diseases help so many others through charity work or fundraising events, despite being on their last legs themselves.

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