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Wikileaks and #cablegate

Posted by | Posted in Politics | Posted on 29-11-2010

Been a while since I wrote a blog entry, but then again it’s been months (if not nearly a year) since I last recorded a new mix or had anything worth posting! But the whole “cablegate” thing (as it’s being labelled on Twitter) is causing quite a stir,  although I’m not sure if it should be.

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Some Random Stuffs

Posted by | Posted in Geek Stuff, Politics, Technology | Posted on 11-05-2010

Wow, I managed two whole posts last month. That must be a new record for this year! I’m not sure that today is the best day to be publishing another blog post, as my caffeine levels are high and sleep levels are low, which usually means I’ll end up rambling in some nonsensical way.

Nothing new there then.

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