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Calm Before The Storm

Posted by | Posted in Personal Shizzle, Society, Technology | Posted on 07-07-2009

Well, today is Jacko’s memorial service, and even though 17,500 tickets were randomly given out to fans who requested tickets in their millions, I wouldn’t be surprised if many thousands more flood the streets of LA today in the hopes of paying a tribute to their idol.

In a way I’m glad that there’s going to be a memorial service. It means that the fans will be able to say their goodbyes to someone who has clearly influenced millions of people around the world, and so having such a memorial take place isn’t exactly OTT. On the other hand, the memorial is an opportunity for people to cash in (yet again) on someone else’s misfortune. Behold, the glory that is BBC News, with this little gem of a story.

Basically, people are selling their memorial tickets on Craigslist and Ebay, but the two sites have decided that they don’t want that to be happening, and have put a stop to it. It’s not surprising that it’s happened really, and I myself tried to buy tickets for his latest tour with the sole intention of selling them for a profit. Although I only did it to try and pay for a camera, and at that point, he wasn’t dead…

Well, the fans were outraged, and both Ebay and Craigslist have put a stop to it. That’s not to say that people wont sell them elsewhere, but it keeps the website’s noses clean I suppose.

What it will do is test the capacity of the internet. As I (might have) mentioned in an earlier post, when news broke of his death, bandwidth usage over the internet increased (due to users searching Google and Twitter for news) to such an extent that Google’s anti-DDoS attack software registered the activity as a potential attack, and produced error messages for some users. With the memorial service to be streamed over the internet by multiple broadcasters, and the sheer number of fans that will no doubt be wanting to watch it, there is likely to be a rather noticeable slow-down of traffic over the internet. People are seeing this as a good stress test for the net.

With any luck, the technical busy-bodies of the intarweb world will use this as a way of determining bottlenecks and stressed areas of the infrastructure, and may even use the data in future reports to outline where improvements need to be made. Obviously, this is just my opinion, but I think it would be a great opportunity to see just how much the internet can take. And what with the UK currently in a bit of a pickle over the condition of the net in general, UK peeps should sit up and take note.

On an entirely different note, I spoke to Tony last night about our little trip to the USA. He seems rather nervous about the whole idea, but I think it’s because he’ll be driving in a foriegn country with very little experience. Personally, I think things will be OK. We’ve got everything sorted about as much as we can do, and all that’s left for me to do is exchange some cash for Monopoly Money.. sorry, dollars… and that’s about it. I’m getting majorly excited by it all now, though.

I had a little play about on my decks last night too. I actually did quite a good mix, which I think I might even record before I go away this weekend. I would have thought that having so little practice lately would mean that I would mix quite shockingly, but as it turns out I was rather good. And the set as a whole sounded great too, even if it was a little short. If I find time this week I think I’ll record the set (if I can remember the tracklist).

On a more personal note, I’ve noticed that eating an excess of cashew nuts can cause more-than-regular bowel movements, so beware. Always good if you want to “clean out” your system, though…

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