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Back To Work

Posted by | Posted in The 9-To-5 Droll | Posted on 28-01-2009

I didn’t post an entry here yesterday as I wasn’t at work. (How bad does that sound – I didn’t waste time writing a blog entry because I wasn’t at a place where I should be doing proper work…?)

Well anyways, the fun and games are over now and I’m back at work. I’ve had a meeting today already, and the MD went on for an hour or so about how well (or not, as the case may be) the company as a whole is doing. That phrase, “as a whole”, was interesting in this instance, because our company is actually made up of four different companies, and the company I work for is only one of the two that actually made a profit last year.

As I may or may not have mentioned before, we’ve had an independent external reviewer assess each of our job positions, and so it’s possible that some of us might lose our jobs. However, during the meeting, someone asked why, if all companies are supposed to have to stand on their own two feet and absorb any losses independently, do the companies that are still making a profit have to lose staff? A fair question, I thought, seeing as I work for a company that makes a profit each and every year. I have to say, I thought the MD avoided the question by quoting percentages of staff that have “been lost” from each company, and it did show that the companies that had made a profit were the least affected with staff redundancies. However, I believe the question was, “why should a company that makes a profit suffer any losses at all?”, to which the MD didn’t actually reply.

In one instance, he was saying that the business as a whole wouldn’t continue to sustain a loss-making business, but on the other hand, redundancies are to be expected in all areas of the business, including the profit-making areas. Seems rather unfair, although I would be slightly biased.

After having been slightly narked off with not being able to make it to the gym on Monday (and yesterday) I’ve finally got my act together and I’ll be heading down there tonight after work. Time to get back into it methinks, after a five-day break.

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