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“Anger… rising… RISING!!”

Posted by | Posted in Stupidity, Tunes | Posted on 23-04-2009

“Urge to kill: rising!!”

Ah, what a lovely, hot, sweaty day! Especially as the air con isn’t working in my office!

Some great news (for me) – some people liked my mixes! I got all of two compliments about them yesterday. The first was from someone who sometimes listens to my mixes while they’re pumping iron down the gym. Apparently, the mixes make great gym music. I wouldn’t know myself, as my gym drowns out all noise/thought/conversation with the latest craptastic Lady Gaga tune.

The second compliment came from a DJing forum I sometimes post on. I guess they guy listens to progressive trance quite a lot, but he seemed to really like the mix, and it also had a tune he hadn’t heard before, which was nice.

So a big thanks to everyone who’s listened to my mixes. At last count there were about 40 or so downloads, so that’s not too bad.

Now onto something that really gets on my nerves. I’ve spoken about it before, but as of yesterday it’s been taken to a whole new low. I’m talking about advertising.

I know I’ve had a massive rant about it before, but as I say, it stooped to a new low yesterday when I saw an advert for some mascara (at least, I think it was for mascara). As much as I hate advertising in general, the real beef I had with it a few months ago was the fact that marketing departments would try and come up with new buzzwords to try and see their products. That wasn’t the problem really, as we all know that long-winded chemical names or technical terms are never going to be remembered by anyone, hence the fancy (and memorable) buzzwords. What annoyed me was that when the product they’re advertising didn’t actually have any fancy chemicals or long-winded technical terms, they just made some up, in the hopes that people might be fooled into thinking the product is something it isn’t.

Yesterday, however, things took a turn for the worst. There was an advert on TV advertising some kind of mascara that supposedly made your eyelashes look longer – a much sought-after trait from a mascara, I’m led to believe.   However, in tiny, almost unreadable, text in the bottom corner of the screen, they kindly pointed out that the models in the advert were “filmed wearing eyelash extensions”.

Eyelash extensions. Yes that’s right – on the screen, in plain sight for all to see, they were openly admitting that the product they were supposedly advertising (and it’s unique selling point) was actually a complete farce, and didn’t do anything like the advert stated it would. How many kinds of wrong can you be?!?!

I also saw an ad for a pregnancy test. The overly-happy bird in the ad was looking at the results on her pregnancy test, and it clearly said “4 weeks” in bold blue writing, with the voiceover stating that the product “tells you exactly how far along you are”. Then, in what’s fast becoming tradition, there was some small text in the bottom corner of the screen stating that the word “weeks” is “for demonstration purposes only” – meaning that it doesn’t actually look anything like it does in the ad.

It’s like watching an advert for a Ford Focus, but seeing a Ferrari Enzo on the screen and some captions reminding us that we’re actually looking at an Enzo, and not the Ford Focus that the ad is supposedly advertising. What’s the point? They might as well have a bunch of singing elephants in tu-tu’s prancing about on the screen, all the while the voiceover is telling us how dry the nappies they’re “advertising” will keep our baby. Or seeing a helicopter flying round in circles as the voiceover is busy telling us that this new gambling website is where we should be spending our money. It makes no sense at all.

So it was the budget report yesterday. I didn’t even know until about 7pm when I saw some BBC News headlines about it. I see they’re taxing the rich to spend on the poor this time around. I guess that’s a good idea. With the current recession going on, I wouldn’t want to have been Alistair Darling this year. Off the top of my head, I think I remember reading that it will take the country around a decade to get back to normal. That’s quite a long time to be ina recession, there’s no doubt about it. Still, everyone is in the same boat, so we’ve all got to do our best to keep things going.

I feel bad for saying this, because it’s the complete opposite for so many others, but I don’t think I’ve been hit very hard at all. And I’m thankful for it as much as I can be. Since the recession started, I’ve planned a month-long holiday to America, saved up a small deposit for a house, paid off my debts, bought everything that I actually want, had a promotion, and got a pay rise. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would complain about that. All I need is a car and a house and I’m sorted.

Housing prices are still coming down, and they’re set to keep coming down for at least another year or so. With the grim news of the Budget report, I think the psycological effects will ensure that everyone clams up and stops spending, which means they stop borrowing, whcih means house prices will come down even further. Woo! Good news for me, and any other buyers in the market.

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