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And The Heavens Opened…

Posted by | Posted in Entertainment, Random | Posted on 06-02-2009

Well, after having a couple of days with no snow, it seems to have started up again. We were all told that we should expect some more snow by the weekend, but it seems to have started a day early. Unfortunately, I already made it into work, and I could possibly be stranded here if the buses aren’t running tonight.

Still, the silver lining is that I might not have to rush myself down the gym simply to ensure I can catch the bus home on time. If it’s not running, then I might just as well enjoy the time I have down there, and figure out how to get home afterwards. From the news stories, it looks like many other people could end up getting stranded today as well.

Seeing as I only started my working week on Wednesday, now that it’s Friday it still only feels like mid-week to me. Which is great, as it means that every time I wonder what I’ll be doing in work tomorrow, I realise I won’t actually be in work. I’ve noticed the same thing happening occasionally when I wake up in the morning, although usually it’s for the worst – I wake up thinking it’s the weekend, only to hear my alarm clock go off to remind me it’s actually still a weekday.

On a more philosophical note, I realised something about myself the other day. In one respect, I’m totally happy being as good (or as bad, as the case may be) at a lot of things in life as I am currently, but then again, on the other hand I sometimes find myself getting frustrated at not being the best at something. It’s a weird trait to have, and fluctuates randomly between one extreme and the other.

But I think I have an answer for it. All in all I like to get better at the things that I do – web development and design, DJing, keeping fit, having an obsessive DVD film collection… that sort of thing, and so I like to try and push myself where I can. Apparently it’s a Libra thng. On the other hand, it’s not a big deal if I’m not the best at something – I’m happy to improve at my own pace, and it’s not the end of the world if I meet someone who’s better than me at something. However, the thing that annoys me is that I simply don’t have the time to be really good at any of it. I’m like a jack-of-all-trades of the hobbyist world. I like doing a lot of things, but the more I look into it (and how to do things properly, or in a better way) I find that there are other people out there who have dedicated their whole lives to it, and in order for me to really be as good as I’d like, I’d have to do the same thing – which, of course, I don’t have the time for.

I guess the saying, “there’s not enough hours in the day”, really rings true. There simply isn’t. I’ve got a slightly compulsive aspect to me in that I like to finish what I start, which includes watching TV shows. As I’ve got into quite a few TV shows recently, I have to watch them until they stop making it, otherwise I feel like there’s something missing. That, of course, takes up quite a lot of time. Time that could be spent finishing off the various web projects I make a start on, or practicing my DJing. Which is why I was quite thankful that Big Brother was only three weeks long. Come June(ish) there’ll be another series (supposedly the last) that’ll last for three months. That’s an hour of my life being eaten away each day for the sake of reality TV! I have to say, though, that I’d not watched a single installment of Big Brother’s Big Mouth this year. Although the presenter is quite funny, the audience are, quite frankly, a bunch of idiots. That was one of the reasons I enjoyed watching Russel Brand so much – although he was making a TV show for Joe Average Commoner, because of his superior intellect he often jokes about things that the audience (and viewing public, I imagine) don’t understand very often, which means he’s laughing at them rather than anything else, but they simply don’t realise it. He reminds me of me.

I’m glad it’s the weekend. It means I can sleep in for a change. As I don’t have any other plans, I might as well. Sleeping is another obsessive-compulsive thing that I do. Much like everyone else, only more… obsessive.

Someone mentioned eggs to me a few minutes ago, and on reflection, I remember having a (short) conversation with someone about them the other day. Why on God’s green Earth do people like them? I’m all for eating wierd things, but I truly don’t understand why people like eggs. They barely taste of anything, and what little taste they do have it is more of a strange twang than a full-on flavour. It’s almost a bitter taste, and every time I’m presented with one (and eat it out of politeness) I can’t help but wonder what possessed Mother Nature to create such a tasteless foodstuff. Fair enough, eggs are primarily designed to grow into actual living birds, and so I suppose their taste is irrelevant, but still, I see them as the epitome of anti-taste. (It’s at this point I would ordinarily make a comment that goes along the lines of, “…a bit like Jade Goody”, but with her current situation being what it is, that’d be rather tasteless. It’s not looking good for the poor woman, so despite being famous for having little to no discernable talent, I still wish her well).

On a slightly lighter note, and in relation to the obsessive-compulsive thing, I took delivery of six out of seven season boxsets of Star Trek Deep Space Nine yesterday, with the seventh on the way (I hope). I’ve always wanted to have the Star Trek series’ on DVD, and a few months ago I bought the complete Star Trek Voyager DVD collection. I’m not going to do things by halves and buy one season at a time, but I will limit myself to one series at a time. I think £115 is more than enough money spent for a DVD spending spree. Still, it’s worth every penny, as personally I think the series is much underrated. Granted, it took three years to get any good, but that left four solid years of awesome. And they made the most of it.

The next boxsets to buy will either be Enterprise or The Next Generation, and finally The Original Series.

In the techy news, GMail has added a feature to it’s GMail Labs thingies, which enables you to have multiple panes open on a single page. It’s kind of like having multiple Inboxes, but for example, you can have a different pane open to show emails contained in each label; or a pane for spam; or whatever you like. Seems quite cool.

I think that about does it for today, until later on, when I’ll realise I have no work to be doing. For now, though, I’d best get on with it. Have a good one all!

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