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An Easy Day

Posted by | Posted in Geek Stuff | Posted on 21-10-2009

At least, I hope it’ll be easy. The Big Cheese here at the office has decided to take a sick day, so I’m free to work at my own pace. Having said that, I’ve decided that Google Wave is pretty darned good.

When you’ve got a few people invited and all using it, I can see how it’ll soon take over email and chat in one fell swoop. It’s like having emails for when your contacts are offline, chat for when they’re online, and all with the ability to go back and edit each other’s messages and content, which is great for collab work. The whole thing is great – it’s official.

I can see Gmail users being switched to Wave over time, and the Google Chat desktop client becoming obsolete. With any luck (and I’m about to go and check) there’ll be a Google Wave gadget for iGoogle.

Can’t be arsed with the gym today, I’m too tired. For some reason, I was kept awake last night by tappings on keyboards.

My first bluray discs arrived today, wooo! The postie caught me on my way out the door and threw the parcel at me (not literally) so I’m quite eager to get home. My not being arsed to go to the gym has in no way been influenced by the fact that I now have the Matrix trilogy on bluray….

I cant wait to see what it looks like though. Should be good!

Things are going slowly here at work today, and I’ve been distracted by Google Wave, but aside from that I’m just having one of those days. Hopefully a dose of Scrubs at lunch and an hour away from it all will refresh my brain enough to get things working. On the other hand, I am going above and beyond the call of duty work-wise today, so it’s not imperative that I get this thing I’m working on fully completed.

I’ve noticed (now that the cold weather has started to set in) that my bones ache a little. In my right fingers, and my knees, I get a dull ache sometimes. I just hope it’s not arthritis or something! Bad news for the gym membership (which I’ve just renewed for another year).

UPDATE: There doesn’t seem to be any working iGoogle gadgets for Wave right now. Shame.

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