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Posted by | Posted in Site News | Posted on 12-09-2008

Howdy everyone! (Heh, I say “everyone”… like there’s actually anyone reading this!)

Welcome to my new website. A website that I decided to create to give me a place to let loose my musical creative genious! Not that I create any musical creative geniousness, obviously, but I do play it in a round-about kind of way, so I thought that as quite a lot of people have, in the recent past, asked me to record a few more DJ sets for them, I could probably do with a place to make them all available.

I’ll also be ranting and raving about whatever I feel like at the time. It might be music-related, but probably wont be. The real world doesn’t seem to have the bottle to cope with my lunacy, so I might vent it here. At least this way you can all just turn your computer off if you dont like it.

Anyways, on with the show! I’ll be changing the look of the site to something more interesting than just the default WordPress theme at some point this weekend, and I’ll be putting some more content (like tunes and stuff) on here for downloading.

Laters all.

– Streak

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