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A New Week Begins Again

Posted by | Posted in Gym | Posted on 24-11-2008

“Hellooooooo fatties!”

I didn’t get round to recording the mix that I wanted to at the weekend, which is quite surprising really seeing as I didn’t have a lot else to do. I did sleep a lot though.

Last night I was browsing the internet looking for a new workout routine. I decided that, come the new year, there will be the typical influx of new members at my gym, and so I should probably make use of the otherwise empty gym before I can no longer move in there due to all the new fatties waddling about. I have to say, there’s quite a lot of conflicting opinions/views/facts on the internets. I think what it comes down to is not eating a shedload of carbs every day, excercising properly at least twice a week, and making sure I eat breakfast, but don’t have a large meal in the evening.

So today, I managed to haul my carcass out of bed a bit earlier than usual so I could grab some breakfast. A good start, I thought. Then I decided to take some gym clothes to work with me so that I could pop down after work, but upon seeing my trainers still caped in mud from my last paintballing escapade, I decided I probably shouldn’t go to the gym in them. Not having the time to clean them, I’ve left the gym idea alone for today. I’ll clean my trainers tonight and make sure that they’re good to go for tomorrow.

But what to do when I get to the gym – that’s the question. I think the rule is, “exercise one day, rest the next”, which makes sense as it would give your muscles time to heal before working them again. But as it’s been a while since I went to the gym, I think I should probably start again with my exercise routine. I had worked my way up the weights and/or reps at one point, but whatever gains I managed to get from it I’ve no doubt lost since then, so I’ll start at the beginning, which means I won’t be overdoing it. And if I don’t overdo it, then in theory I won’t be pulling any muscles. So I can work out most days.

The plan is to get fit first, and then start to tone up a bit. I can remember the days when I was fit as a fiddle; full of the joys of spring, you might say. Since then, things have gone down hill fairly rapidly, and while I’m not exactly being wheeled about in a specially-built fork-lift truck, I’m no spring chicken either. But all that will change, I’m sure of it. Starting to eat healthily and do regular exercise five weeks before the Christmas holiday starts probably isn’t the greatest idea man has ever had, but I’ll do my best. So for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, it’ll be all cardio work. Tuesdays and Thursdays will be weights. I say ‘weights’, but I’ll be starting off on the machines again until my joints have caught up with my muscles. The biggest problem I’ve found with working out is that my joints (or tendons, really) are often put under more strain than anything else, so while I’m able to do more reps/lift more weights per rep than I actually am, I’m limited by feeble tendons. I need to strengthen my ligaments and joints before my muscles can be put to the test.

I’ll guess we’ll see just how long this plan will last. I’ve got one year’s worth of membership to be using, and I plan to make the most of it. Then again, I said that at the start of the year, and after about three weeks the treadmills hadn’t seen me for dust. Still, on the brightside, if I manage to stick to the workout between now and Christmas, I will have got myself into a good routine, and hopefully I’ll look like I know what I’m doing by the time the new members join.

Talking of health, I seem to have something wrong with me (when don’t I?) – the left side of my jaw is hurting whenever I move it, which is slightly worrying. I had difficulty eating and brushing my teeth this morning, and I was informed that it could possibly be my wisdom teeth giving me some trouble. That’s possible, as I don’t think my wisdom teeth have fully come through yet. I should really see my dentist. I was sent a letter by them recently, in fact. Apparently, I’m overdue for an appointment and need to book one in order to keep myself on their patient lists. What strikes me as odd is that I’ve been overdue for an appointment for about six years, yet I’ve never received a letter about it thus far. Still, it’s good to know that I’m still on someone’s list somewhere.

It’s pay-day this week (horay!) which means I can finally recoup the costs of buying Christmas presents. I quite like Christmas shopping, but I find it more convenient to shop online in the warm. And it stops me spending as much money on CDs for myself as I do on prezzies for other people. And surprisingly, I didn’t have too much trouble thinking of presents to buy. I should really make an effort to send cards out this year, though.

I forgot to mention it last week, but as it’s Monday again I’ll mention it now – it’s UKTA Radio night again tonight. So from 7pm (hopefully) someone will be mixing some tunes of some kind, although nothing is guarunteed! There were some good tunes mixed last week, so tune in!

I’ll be tuning in for sure, as it will give me an idea of how much internet bandwidth is taken up by streaming internet radio. I forget if I’ve mentioned it before, but our household recently moved ISPs to PlusNet, which seem to be quite good so far. PlusNet have had some reputation issues in the past but they seem to be doing quite well at the moment. The reason for their good service is because of the limits that they impose on their users. Many ISPs advertise ‘unlimited’ bandwidth usage, subject to a fair use policy, which to be honest I’m quite happy about. All it meant for me (as a professional web developer and heavy internet user) is that I couldn’t go streaming YouTube videos for hours on end during peak times. PlusNet, on the other hand, make no attempt to hide the fact that they’re not unlimited, and say that it’s because of the limits that they can offer a good service.

The plan we’re on is aimed at internet gaming, meaning that VoIP and gaming traffic is prioritised over web browsing, radio streaming and peer-to-peer traffic. As I don’t tend to play games, but I use the web heavily, I’m not best pleased. Still, the internet seems to running nice and smoothly, which is something that our previous ISP, Tiscali, couldn’t seem to manage from one month to the next.

I caught an episode of Scrubs last night, and it amazes me how Sarah Chalke, who plays Elliot Reid, doesn’t seem to have aged a day in the last seven years. The only other person I know of that can say the same thing is me, as I was dramatically reminded of last weekend when I was asked to present ID upon entering a club. What made me chuckle most was that I had already paid the entrance fee before being asked for ID. Had I been asked to leave, would I have got my money back, I wonder? Still, it sucks for a 25-year old to be asked for ID still. But I’d rather be asked for ID up until the age of 30, and still look 25 when I’m 50, than to be able to get into a club at the age of 16 and look practically dead by the age of 40. Who’s got the last laugh, eh?

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