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A Bout Of Tunes And Old Age

Posted by | Posted in Tunes | Posted on 13-10-2008

“…well don’t go having too many good ideas now, love – your foot might fall off…. Oh yes, it’s true. My brother had the good idea of cutting his toenails with a scythe and his foot fell off.”

UKTA Radio tonight, people! I actually forgot last week, despite posting a reminder on here myself. Just a sign of old-age I guess. Other signs of old age include:

  • Needing the loo more often
  • Keeping photos of your loved ones around to remind you who you’re related to
  • Becoming more and more regular with daily routines, but more and more irrregular in bowel movements
  • Gaining extra facial hair, even as a woman
  • Losing hair all round, especially for men
  • You go to bed at 9pm and get up at 6am, instead of the other way around

Talking of old age, I’ll be 25 this month. Twenty… five… it’s just not allowed. As always, I couldn’t care less about birthdays, particularly mine, but in any case it just so happens I’ve got a week off work for that week. With not a lot to do, as it happens. I had originally planned to move into the new house the weekend before, giving me the working week to sort everything out. As that won’t be happening now, I’m a free agent.

I saw (half) a program last night on G.O.L.D. (which I assume is Sky’s latest attempt at rebranding it’s TV channels, and was once known as UKTV Gold) all about Blackadder. I don’t think I was even out of nappies by the time Blackadder first aired, and hadn’t even started playschool when the second season started three years later, but I’ve somehow managed to see most, if not all, episodes. And, just as every actor/director/writer they had on the show said, it was a masterpiece.

I hadn’t realised just how clever some of those actors and actresses actually are. Most people know that Stephen Fry is a clever chappy, but I had no idea that Rowan Atkinson (or Mr Bean, as you yanks know him) actually went to Oxford University. In fact, most of the cast knew each other from various university do’s that occured throughout their education, and even though they had all gone on to do their own separate thing, they were well aware of each other’s work. I didn’t get to see the whole program, but thanks to the wonders (and extortionate prices) of Sky+ I may well get to see the second half. It’s good to see my subscription money going towards something useful.

I love a good comedy show, and it’s something I’ll no doubt be chatting about in the future. But it’s getting late now, and my brain is wearing out. So until next time, adios!

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