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“No, no, he’s too young for that. Maybe in a couple of years…”

Over 9000? By quite a long way, it seems. According to The Chairman, over 30,000 complaints have been received about Brand and Ross’ antics the other day. I bet if you asked them, 29,000 of those people wouldn’t even know what station Brand’s radio show was on, let alone what day and time it aired. But that’s enough talk about that shambles.

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Russell Brand and Friends

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“Hello, Ofcom? I’d like to complain about a radio programme I haven’t heard, on which comments were made about a person I don’t know…. What?…. Turn off my radio if I dont like it? That’s preposterous!”

I didn’t mention this before, because quite frankly I couldn’t give a flying monkey’s brass ones, but as I’m sure everyone has heard by now, Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross have been the centre of attention these last few days.

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The IT World: Over-Complicating Things

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You tube my space, and I’ll Google your Yahoo.

On reading my usual morning emails and geeky articles from various sources, I came across a term that seems to be making an appearence more and more often in the IT world – Cloud Computing. It’s something that seems to have popped up in the last few months, and now everyone wants in on it.

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Back To The Grinder

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Ahh, it’s that time of the week again – Monday morning. Only this week I’m back at work.

I’ve had a change of heart where my next DJ set is concerned. I know I decided to record a mix of old trance classics, but I’ve been listening to a lot of newer progressive stuff lately and I’ve come across a few tracks that I think would make an awesome progressive trance mix. So that’s what I’ll be recording next… unless I change my mind again, of course.

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Been A While

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“Does that dress make your bum look big? No, your bum makes your bum look big. But that’s how I like it, so stop whining and open me a beer.

OK, so it’s been a few days since I last posted, but for some reason I just can’t bring myself to waste time writing blog posts unless I’m at work. Funny, that. And as I’ve had this week off, I’m obviously not at work.

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Put Your PC To Good Use

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“If I had a penny (or someone joined my F@H team) for every time I heard that…”

Something that I’ve been a part of for a few weeks now is a project called Folding@Home. What it basically entails is the (minor) use of your PC in order to do some mathmatical calculations. These calculations are aimed at helping scientists run simulations on proteins, in order to help them identify the causes of various genetic diseases, such as Alzheimers Disease. In the words of the F@H homepage:

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What Happened To iGoogle?

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The last thing I did before bed yesterday was check my emails briefly. But I noticed that my iGoogle page had had a change of layout. The tabs that ran across the top of the page were listed down the left hand side, and each item in the list was expandable to show the title of each RSS feed/widget/object thingy on that tab. But I awoke this morning to find it had changed back to it’s original format.

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And Andy Warhol Thinks He’s Good

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After posting a random thread on the bestest intertube forum on the (dot)net, I got a whole load of awesome banners to put up on the site. As you probably already noticed, I decided to put them all online and create a banner rotator that will load a banner at random whenever the page is loaded. So a big thanks to Steve, FC, Sammo, and Mikeynma for their efforts!

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Werd To The Old School

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“Run for the hills!… No, wait, The Hills Have Eyes.”

Yesterday evening I was paid a visit by a family member who’d been stashing away quite a few things of mine for a number of years. They had decided that, seeing as they no longer actually lived at the house in which the items were stored, it was probably time I took them back. And how glad I am that I did.

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UKTA Radio On Now!

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UPDATE: UKTA Radio link now working!

Hi all,

If you’re trying to get to the UKTA Radio link, you’ll find it isn’t working at the mo. If you want to connect to the stream now, open Winamp and open this URL:

Sorry for the confusion!