Welcome to Streakfury.com


Hi, and welcome to my site. A website so full of wonder and amazement it’ll make your head spin, and your views on the world in general will forever be changed. And on my site I want to post lots of tunes first and foremost, but I also want to keep a blog on which I can talk absolute drivel to the masses without fear of being put on various government watchlists, as often happens these days.

So if you want to know my views and opinions on what’s going on at the moment, whilst listening to some funky beats mixed in an expertly and timely fashion by none other than myself, then you’re definitely in the right place. I have both funky beats, and opinions. Lots of them. Best you get started!


Everyone needs a place to say their piece. Admittidly, “their piece” might not be of any importance, nor might anyone actually be interested, but people feel the need to say it anyways. I think I fall under that category, in that I’ve got a lot to say but nowhere to say it. So the ‘Ramblings’ section of the website contains my thoughts on various things that pop into my mind. So to hell with it – I’ll say what I’ve got to say, and give people some good music to listen to while I’m at it. Which brings me to…


Knowing me, I’ll start off with the greatest of intentions, but as time goes on those intentions will whittle down to something a lot less than intentions. Passing thoughts, perhaps. So that will no doubt result in me not having as many amazing musical creations to put on the site as I’d like, but rest assured that the sets I do record as the next best Superstar DJ Mixmeister Genious™ will be available to my adoring fans in the ‘Downloads’ section of this website.


If you want to know want gear I use when mixing, check out the description and pictars posted in the ‘Setup’ section. The beauties posted there are what made me create this site, and what gave me somewhere to rant and rave if necessary. (It’s totally necessary).

About Me

For those who may (or may not) give a flying monkey’s brass ones, there’s a section on the site that tells the story of how I came to be as obsessed with electronic music as I am. It was supposed to be fairly short, seeing as not many people would bother to read it (and I wasn’t bothered enough to write it, at first) but it turned out to be something that Leo Tolstoy would be envious of. So if you’re interested in the tune that turned your average 9-year old into a club music whore, then read the ‘About Me’ section of the site.


Does exactly what it says on the tin. If you want to say something to me, or there’s something you’d like my opinion on, feel free to get in touch with me at the email address specified. Beware, though, because even though I’ve set up the mailbox I’ve not even bothered to see if the email address works. That’s how good I think I am.

The End Is Nigh

…is a fantastic name for a dog. Especially when it runs off into a park somewhere and you end up having to bellow it’s name at the top of your lungs to get him to come running back. But anyway, for the slightly unobservant amongst you, the main menu is right at the top of every page. So you can access the downloads or my blog or whatever by checking out the options at the top of the page.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you find that little something that’s been missing in your lives. Not that you’ll find it here, of course.

– Streakfury